The Speech Academy Program

THE SPEECH ACADEMY is a day school for
students between the ages of 5-21. The Speech Academy’s
program includes an accredited high school curriculum.
The School provides an intensive speech and language-based
academic program for students exhibiting speech
and language, learning, auditory processing, apraxia
and social skills challenges. Students on the autism
spectrum, including Asperger’s syndrome, also
benefit from this model of educational programming.
A collaborative teaching team, daily staff
meetings, and a technology rich environment
facilitate instruction in all academic areas.

Therapy services available include Speech
and Language therapy, Occupational therapy,
and Physical therapy within a highly structured,
small-ratio (1-1 to 1-3) academic program.
As determined by the Planning and Placement
team process, skills targeted in direct therapy
sessions are generalized throughout the school
day through a planned program of speech fluency

drills, core vocabulary generalization and language
processing application to all academic areas.
Depending on the needs of the student, as
determined by the planning and placement team,
remediation in visual-motor integration and
auditory-perception is offered directly and
integrated throughout the school day to assist
the student in the organization of sensory input.
Regularly scheduled enrichment classes, including
Art, Music, Adaptive Physical Education and
Computers augment the core curriculum.

Individualized scheduling and related services
are identified through the PPT process resulting
in IEP development with the members of the
student’s school district and the parents. The
academic curriculum follows the Connecticut’s
State Department of Education’s Common
Core Standards.