The Speech Academy Overview

The Speech Academy provides a speech and
language-based academic program to students with
a range of communication, sensory-motor, learning
and social skill disabilities. A collaborative teaching
team, daily staff meetings, home-school programs
and a resource rich environment facilitate instruction
in all academic areas.

Speech fluency drills, based on the student’s
targeted speech and language therapy objectives,
are essential and important components of The
Speech Academy’s program. A student’s

individualized core vocabulary is generalized
and applied throughout the school day as
identified by the student’s IEP. Speech drills
and core vocabulary are pre-taught at the
beginning of every academic day, presented
within each class period, and reviewed at the
end of the school day.

Daily staff meetings with the student’s team
members maintain coordination of speech and
language therapy and academic instruction.

Daily Occupational therapy and 1-1 and small
group academic and social skills instruction are
available and provided as determined by the
needs of the student through the PPT process
and IEP development.